ABB Accreditation Standards

Accreditation Standards of the Accredited Business Bureau

The Accreditation Standards of the Accredited Business Bureau (ABB) are a set of guidelines used to determine the eligibility of North American businesses seeking ABB accreditation. These standards are designed to promote ethical business practices, honest advertising, and positive customer experiences.

Qualification for ABB Accreditation Businesses seeking ABB accreditation must meet these standards on an ongoing basis. However, not all businesses will be eligible for ABB accreditation. ABB charges a fee for accreditation, which helps to support the organization’s mission of advancing marketplace trust. The accreditation fee is based on several factors, including the size of the business.

Standards for Accreditation To be accredited by the ABB, a business or organization must affirm that it meets and will abide by the following standards:

  1. Build Trust

    • Maintain a positive track record in the marketplace.
    • Establish and maintain a trustworthy website.
    • Honor promises and commitments.
  2. Advertise Honestly

    • Adhere to established advertising and selling standards.
    • Accurately represent products and services.
    • Clearly disclose all terms and conditions.
  3. Tell the Truth

    • Honestly represent products and services.
    • Provide accurate information about products and services.
    • Avoid misleading or deceptive practices.
  4. Be Transparent

    • Openly identify the nature, location, and ownership of the business.
    • Clearly disclose all policies, guarantees, and procedures that bear on a customer’s decision to buy.
    • Abide by all written agreements and verbal representations.
  5. Honor Promises

    • Fulfill all contractual obligations.
    • Address marketplace disputes quickly, professionally, and in good faith.
    • Provide prompt attention to customer complaints.
  6. Be Responsive

    • Address marketplace disputes quickly, professionally, and in good faith.
    • Provide prompt attention to customer complaints.
    • Embody responsiveness in all customer interactions.
  7. Protect Privacy

    • Safeguard customer data against unauthorized disclosure and fraud.
    • Collect and use personal information only as needed.
    • Disclose handling practices for personal information, including but not limited to:
      • what information is collected;
      • how it is used;
      • with whom it is shared;
      • how it can be corrected;
      • how it is secured;
      • how policy changes will be communicated; and
      • how to address concerns over misuse of personal data.
    • Ensure sensitive data (credit card, bank account numbers, Social Security/Social Insurance number, salary or other personal financial or health information) is collected and transmitted via secure means.
    • Comply with applicable legal requirements and industry standards for the protection and proper disposal of all sensitive data, both online and offline.
    • Respect customer preferences regarding contact by telephone and e-mail, and remedy the underlying cause of any failure to do so.
  8. Embody Integrity

    • Approach all business dealings, marketplace transactions and commitments with integrity, good faith and intent to do what is reasonably expected.
    • Avoid involvement, by the business or its principals, in activities that reflect unfavorably on, or otherwise adversely affect the public image of the business or BBB.

Become Accredited in 3 Easy Steps:

Follow the steps below to become accredited. It takes less than 5 minutes!